Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bachelorette Party Weekend

This weekend was Erin's bachelorette party and we did just what Erin wanted to do - spend the day at Lake Tahoe, and hang out at her house after and have a slumber party. It was a fun time with a lot of great girls!
Here's Ashley getting the cars ready for the drive to the lake.
Erin and Sandor don't have a wedding party, but Ashley, Me, Na and Sarah are the "unofficial bridesmaids" :-)
Me and the Bride-To-Be
Erin and her Unofficials
Of course, no wife of Chris Gabel's could co-host a party on the beach and not bring Baggo! My teammate Julie and I won two of two. Chris would have been proud ;-)

It was a gorgeous day on the lake, but the water of course is still freezing (we've had so much snow this year that some ski resorts were open for Memorial Day!) Afterward we hung out, had dinner and cocktails and played some games. We're excited for Erin's upcoming shower and their wedding in August!


Laura said...

the other day me and some friends went to the beach and we found these guys that had a baggo set so we went and played with them. They were all very impressed with my baggo skills. I told them I might have played a few times.

Tammy said...

Nice. I made sure to share your Baggo slogan with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Laura also had a dance that went with the slogan.