Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Party People

Since my "cohort" and I were all done with classes for the semester (not counting finals, of course) we decided to have a little end-of-semester get together on Sunday evening at the new casa. It was nice to hang out with (almost) everyone and relax outside of school, and Chris and I were excited to be able to host a party and use some stuff we received for our wedding that has barely seen the light of day in almost two years. I hope we'll all be able to hang out more outside of school over the summer and during our last semester.

Megan, Me, Whitney and Carlie
(Carlie and her boyfriend Chris live just down the street from us!)
Six of eight in our cohort - Megan, Me, Will, Ana, Whitney and Carlie
Since Whitney lives in Tahoe, she stayed the night and brought Snickers, too. Him and Scoop had lots of fun playing together!

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