Saturday, May 1, 2010

My First Project

When I saw these "scrapboxes" in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living, I knew I wanted to make some, and I didn't want to wait until we have kids to make them. (I have an issue with patience.) Then I realized we had no pictures of Scoop printed and hanging anywhere. So after she removed all the filling from her Valentine toy, and started ingesting bits of plastic from her little newspaper, I hid them from her until we moved and I was able to make my first project in the craft room. They were super easy to make. I got shadowboxes (which came with pins) and foam board from Michael's. I already had double-sided tape. I didn't need anything else, except one piece of scrapbook paper. The plastic newspaper was just the right size that it stays in place just by closing the shadowbox.
We hung them on the wall in between the craft room and the man cave. It's nice to have some pictures up on the wall. (Although Scoop would have preferred to have her toys back, she whined as soon as she saw them.)
You can see the projects from the magazine and more here. Fun stuff.

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Nanette said...

They turned out very cute!