Friday, May 7, 2010

Cinco de Baseball

On Wednesday night, I probably should have stayed home to work on my geography paper due on Monday. But who could pass up a promotion that involves baseball, Corona and a Sombrero giveaway? Not me. Chris was working at the game, so I went to the game with Tyler, who scored some free tickets from work. It was a fun time, up until about the 8th inning when the Aces, who had just gained the lead in the bottom of the 7th, totally blew it and it got really cold and so we decided that was a good time to leave.

Pretty stoked about my sombrero

Even wearing a sombrero, Tyler won't take off his flatbill

During the game, I penned what might be my favorite tweet ever. (I was glad that Chris didn't mind - he came home and told me I was funny. Also, one of the Aces media guys responded that the next time I mentioned the beat writer's eyebrows it would cost him a dollar in kangaroo court. Maybe Chris will write a blog one day about the silly games they play in the press box.)

Of course, when I got home I tried to get Scoop to pose with the hat. The picture on the left is as close as she would sit next to it. She refused to let me try to set it on her head. But when left to her own devices, she wanted to chew on it.

Hope you all enjoyed your Cinco de Mayo!

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