Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chris vs. Chris

Earlier this week, I was assigned to shoot video for the RGJ at Wolf Pack Media Madness, where the Nevada basketball coaches invite local media to go through a basketball practice. I was happy to go since Chris was going to participate. (You can go here to see that video on Below you can see the action from the one-on-one game Chris played against his friend and co-worker Chris Murray after practice. (I use the word "action" loosely, they were moving a little slow after practice.) Apparently, Murray won last year, but this week Gabel tied up the series.


tybicks said...

First off, this needs to be posted on ASAP. Excellent work.
Second, I this you have mail in your mailbox from Steve Nash claiming copyright infringement.
And lastly, I look forward to seeing my 400m dash rematch on video.

Ernesto said...

Thanks for brining back those bball memories for me Tammy. Ask Chris to tell you stories about Wells Fargo Arena and crazy Joel.
Next time, I think you should bring in someone to do the play-by-play.

Laura said...

you could tell the fatigue was wearing down on Chris because he went from playing defense to just letting other chris take the shot while he stood hunched over with his hands on his knees.

James Ball said...

Is Murray rocking the black Rebok hightops here? That's kind of awesome.

Juan Pierre said...

For the record, Chris Gabel is "the other Chris." Or maybe next year's rubber match will determine who gets that title.