Tuesday, October 20, 2009

school days

I had two papers due today, so I've been pretty busy with school. (You might think that since I've been spending so much time on homework, Chris would keep the blog rolling for a few days ... but then if you thought that, you haven't been paying close attention around here. I'm not even sure he remembers his password anymore!) Anyway, even though I've been spending quite a bit of time at the library, we have managed to have a little fun since the last post.

Last weekend we went to a party at Erin's brother's house. This is the part of college Chris doesn't mind doing again. (Okay, he also proofread my papers. He is a good husband!)

Thursday night, Erin and Sandor had us over for a yummy fondue dinner.

And, on Saturday, my friend Katrina came up from Sacramento for her baby shower. I haven't seen her since she moved last winter and it was so great to see her - she looks so happy!
That about sums it up. Now, back to the books ...

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