Friday, July 16, 2010


I was anticipating a pretty low-key, no fuss birthday yesterday, but I was just blown away by all of the cards, calls, texts and Facebook greetings that came my way. It made a day spent working feel really special.

Chris also went out of his way to make it a nice day for me. Since I had to be at work at 8, he got up before 6 (which if you know him, you know doesn't happen too often) so he could take me out for breakfast. We went to Squeeze In, a great place that we hadn't tried before and it was really good.

Later, since Chris had been scheduled to work at night (although that later changed) I went to dinner with Na and Erin at a new restaurant and we had a nice time catching up and laughing.

When I got home, Chris surprised me with cheesecake! Which was really something because earlier in the day during the conference we were asked to do a free writing exercise on the topic of our favorite dessert, and I wrote about cheesecake and how much I love it. I guess Chris read my mind :-)

Thanks everyone for all the love!


Laura said...

is that a sampler-style cheesecake?????

volksbloggin said...

Kudos to Chris for breakfast and cheesecake! Well done.