Monday, July 12, 2010

Erin's Shower

Erin's wedding shower was held at her mom's house in Carson City on Saturday. I'd never been there, and the backyard was so nice and just great for a big party. Erin requested that everyone wear sun hats, which was a fun idea.
Sarah, Erin, Na and I

The Bride and her Unofficial Bridesmaids -
Na, Sarah, Erin, Ashley and I

Erin was resistant to the bow bouquet, but she came around

Sarah did the game where she asked Sandor questions ahead of time and then Erin had to answer them at the shower. For every question she got wrong, she got a piece of gum. You can see that the game did not start off too well! Teehee.
I made the favors :-)

It was a really fun day and it's always so nice to get to know the people in the bride's life before the wedding! Erin's mom and aunts did a great job getting it all together with tons of food on the grill and a great set up. I'm so excited for the wedding next month!