Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting Ready

Taking a quick break from getting ready for Japan for a short update. With the conference going on, I haven't had much time for anything else besides packing for my trip and sleeping (although Chris and I were able to go to Plumas Pines for our anniversary dinner on Saturday, which was really nice). Ernesto was kind enough to make me a training plan for hiking Mt. Fuji, which I unfortunately did not stick to with all the company, traveling, work and other stuff I've had going on. I have been able to do a couple hikes and have been walking every night this week (nothing like the last minute!). I feel prepared now that I've bought everything I need, I just hope I'm in good enough shape! As far as the conference, it ends tomorrow and it's been a great (although exhausting) two weeks that's allowed me to see our area like a tourist and get pumped up about journalism all over again. Although my job includes things like running copies and scheduling food deliveries, I've also been able to act as a writing coach, and I really enjoyed it.

Here are a couple pictures of some things we've done:

Ride the V&T Railroad

Visit the Mark Twain Museum in Virginia City
(Where he began his writing career)

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