Thursday, November 20, 2008

So much for my Plan B

Since we both make jewelry, my co-worker Kristin and I decided to have a table today at the annual RGJ employee craft fair. Unsure what to expect, we didn't make a whole lot of goods -together we had about a dozen pair of earrings, three bracelets and two necklaces. A half hour before the fair started, I thought I should head out to the lobby and snag us a good table. I got the last one ... and discovered just about everyone else was also selling jewelry, and they had way more product than we did. I can't say how the rest of the booths did, but it seemed pretty slow all around. Many of our newsroom colleagues came by and complimented our goods, but few made any purchases. In three hours, we each sold two pieces of jewelry. Yesterday, I said I'd be happy if I made $20 - which I did, so I can't complain, especially considering the fair was held the day before payday. And, I made more than enough to buy some apple-pear-plum preserves from our neighbor - which is delicious. (Holly, if you still have those pears I'd suggest making some.) Maybe next year we'll give it another shot with a better display and a better location ... in the meantime, anybody need stocking stuffers?


villette1 said...

Tammy, don't give up. Next year, suggest that they have the fair ON payday. You'll probably see more sales.

The Poty's said...

i do still have the pears and so does Melynda (I gave her half and we still each have 19#). Do you have the recipe?

Tammy said...

I did not get the recipe, but if you google "pear preserves" there are lots and lots of results.