Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Arizona Trip, Part Two: The Wedding

Marc and Kristin's wedding at the Tucson Country Club was beautiful and they both seemed so happy. Chris was a groomsman, and we were very glad to be a part of such a wonderful day.

The Happy Couple

The Bridal Party

Chris and Me

They had fireworks!

The Boys: Kyle, Ernesto, Chris, Marc, Daniel and Edward

The Girls: Holly, Melynda, Kristin, Me and Kelli


Laura said...

WTF Tammy, so since I am moving I now get excluded from all group pics, I see how it is. 5 guys but only 4 girls....hmmmm. ;)

Laura said...

rather 6 guys and 5 girls

Tammy said...

We were looking for you but you and Ernesto disappeared somewhere for a rather long time ... must have been watching football, I'm sure ;)

Tammy said...

If it makes you feel any better, Holly didn't put either one of us on her blog.

The Poty's said...

I didn't exactly call the picture "the girls" like you did. I realized people were missing before labeling the picture ;*)