Monday, May 9, 2011

Mama in the Making

For someone who is a mom-in-the-making (and not quite actually a mom yet) I was pretty overwhelmed with Mother's Day love - there were cards, calls, text messages and gifts. Scoop even seemed to know something was up because she let me sleep in until 8:45 (very rare these days). Chris took me out for a delicious brunch. It was really a great day. I get the feeling Mother's Day isn't always quite so relaxing after the little ones arrive, so I'm thankful to have been so spoiled this year.

Our little fam - soon to be four

29 weeks + 6 days

I hope all the other moms, grandmas, sisters and aunts had a wonderful day, too!

P.S. Doesn't the yard look great? Chris has been working really hard on it. We hope to have people over to enjoy it real soon!

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