Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rock Stars

Our game design teacher decided that we should partner with the computer science department and hold a Rock Band tournament at school last week. No, I am not kidding. So we helped to plan and promote the tournament, and I formed a band with three other grad students in my cohort.
We went with an '80s theme after deciding to play "White Wedding." Megan found some '80s looking dresses from friends and she and Whitney wore them. Scott decided to "wear" his wife's wedding dress. I was going to wear a tuxedo T-shirt, but I couldn't find one. Luckily, I did find a Billy Idol Tee. The three of us girls crimped our hair, I pegged my pants, and we rocked some side ponytails.
It was kind of obvious that we weren't as good as the younger, more skilled undergrad gamers ... but we had fun. And, we won fan favorite!
It was a good time, and I told Chris this afternoon that I'd like to have Rock Band at the house now ... so I can improve my drumming score ;-)

Update: My friend Will from school made a video from the tournament. It is pretty silly. Check it out here.


Nanette said...

This makes my heart smile.

tybicks said...

I own a Tuxedo T-Shirt, why didn't you ask me? I would have let you borrow it no doubt.