Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monterey Mornings

So I know I've been doing a lot of griping lately about the weather. But I realized this morning, it's the snow that's been getting to me ... I really don't mind the rain. Last night we had snow covering our yard, but by morning snow gave way to rain and much of it washed away. By the time I got to campus, there was just a light drizzle, and the cool, crisp air and the clouds actually felt nice. As I walked up the hill, it reminded me something of Monterey, which is funny because I just had a conversation with someone yesterday about how I miss those Monterey mornings. I loved waking up on the foggy mornings, and arriving to work on Cannery Row when it seemed the rest of the world was sleeping. It was so calm, so peaceful. There was the smell of cinnamon rolls baking next to the store where I worked. Gardeners came to water the flowers. And slowly but surely the tourists would arrive, on their way to and from the Aquarium, a bike ride to the wharf, a lunch of clam chowder in a bread bowl. The sun would come out late morning, and by then Cannery Row was bustling. But it was those fog covered mornings I treasured, cool but not cold, hot chai in my hand, and the calm quiet morning with all the promise of a new day.

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