Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun

On Friday night, Julie, Na and Erin came over for one last girls night in the old apartment and we had dinner and dyed Easter eggs. It was really fun and great to have company since Chris was gone the whole week last week.
Above: Julie and Na decorating
Below: Me and Erin showing off our eggs
Then on Sunday, Erin hosted an Easter brunch. Erin is a great hostess and had cute decorations set up and lots of yummy food. The company was great, too! (Poor Scoop missed out on playing with seven other dogs because she got fixed last week and is still healing. Next time she'll get to play, though!) I am lucky to have such great friends.
The best part of Easter Sunday? Chris came home after spending a week in Arizona for Spring Training. I'm sure he was happy to be working out in the warm weather and being able to see his family and friends, but Scoop and I sure missed him!

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Melynda Hache' said...

We missed you, Tammy! There was so much going on, but we were all able to get out and have a few drinks with Chris. The funny part was that we decided it needed to be an early night so we get there and I tell Edward, "Wow, the place isn't busy at all" and he proceeds to tell me because it is before 8:00. Then we left the bar by 10:30 and got annoyed because the band was so loud we could barely hear eachother. We had such a great time, but really? Are we that old? Thanks for letting us borrow him! We hope you get to come next time. :)