Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Santa Barbara

One afternoon on my trip, Andrea and I decided to spend a few hours in Santa Barbara. I'd driven through many times before, but I don't think I've ever stopped. We had a great time walking around seeing old buildings, doing a little shopping and enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. There was snow on the ground when I left Reno Saturday morning, so it was really nice to see flowers in bloom!
This tree (above) is in front of an old courthouse built in the 1920s (below). It's a beautiful old mission-style building with a clock tower we went out on to see a view of the city, amazing tile work and stained glass windows.

This courtroom we went in had a large mural that covered all four walls. I've always been fascinated with California history, and the missions along the coast begun by Junipero Serra, so it was really neat to see. (In case you were wondering, I've only been in one of the missions, in Carmel, and it was pretty creepy, especially given what I've read about Junipero Serra and his treatment of the Indians. Also, according to an interesting tidbit I saw on a PBS special once, the founding of the missions had less to do with the spreading of Christianity than with Spain wanting to get a hold on California before the Russians made it down from Alaska to claim the land.)
These roses outside of the library were too pretty not to stop and take a picture.
It was quite a lovely afternoon!


Drea said...

Ah, what a really fun day. Just what the doctor ordered! Miss you already.

Kyria said...

Thanks for that tidbit of information. I didn't know that about the Missions. (ps. even though I am from CA, I think I have only been to one Mission).