Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Pictures from Tuesday

Many more words over on my blog. Also, I know it looks like I'm wearing the same thing in all these pictures, so you should know that other than the hat, jacket and scarf, I did wear different clothes every day ;)

In front of the Capitol Building before the inauguration

Walking past the Washington Monument on the long trek after the inauguration

Me and Mena at the Western Ball.
Hopefully the next time I go to a ball, I'll have time to do my hair and makeup!


Melynda Hache' said...

You are so close! So cool!!! I looked for you on TV, but couldn't find you, even with that hat! :) J/K I love it!!!

Marina said...

Yeah, I definitely don't feel like pretty princess at a ball at all in that photo but what can you do? I had the BEST time with you. Next time let's relax a little more though. xoxo

Laura said...

to bad you didn't see Oprah then you REALLY would have had a memoriable experience. PS.... reading your work blog....I am suprised they didn't have "special celebrity" port-o-potties for Mr.Hanks