Friday, January 16, 2009

Baltimore ... and stuff

So, before today, here's what I knew about Baltimore:
-Charm City Cakes

After today, here's what else I know:
Best breakfast ever. Mena, Miguel and I took a surprisingly smooth trip by bus and light rail to the harbor for breakfast at Blue Moon Cafe, which they had been to before and I had seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives a couple days ago. Delicious. I ordered oatmeal brown sugar pancakes, Mena eggs benedict and Miguel crab eggs benedict. Then we ordered some Cap'n Crunch French Toast for the table, to which the waitress said "well done," in full appreciation, so we definitely love this place.

We walked around for a very short time because it was freezing - a high somewhere between 18 and 20 today. Then cabbed it back to the light rail, which we took to the hotel, then grabbed a shuttle to the airport where we took a bus to the metro, which we took Mena and Miguel's. We had planned to go into D.C. later, but then it was kind of late so instead Me and Mena went to the mall for some long johns (trust me, you would have, too) and tomorrow we'll go to D.C. early and hit up some museums.

Oh, and I'll also be blogging for work starting this weekend, so you can check me out there by clicking here.


Chris said...

You can barely see your face in that picture, but you're so pretty.

Laura said...

I told you it was cold