Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Traditions

Having started a family, now we have begun to start our own holiday traditions. It's perhaps a bit premature to call them traditions, having just started this year, but hopefully they will be. Miss Pumpkin has only been allowed to watch cartoons a handful of times, and usually not for more than a few minutes. But a couple weeks ago, we got home late and it happened to be the night the Charlie Brown Christmas special was on. Since she was already up late, I poured her a cup of milk, put her in her jammies, and we snuggled up with Scoop to watch the special. To my surprise, she watched the whole thing! (And by that, I mean the classic part, we skipped the second half hour which was something new?)

Her attention gave me hope for the upcoming Nutcracker show.
We went on Sunday, and I'd  say she watched half - with a few walks taken throughout. She loved the dancing, she just had a little trouble sitting still. Once I got her focused, she was so excited she started talking (yelling) to the dancers. It was pretty cute and everyone was so gracious (the usher said "it's a kid's show, she should be allowed to talk to the dancers.")

I'm looking forward to many more years of Charlie Brown, and the Nutcracker, and hopefully even more traditions to come.

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