Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Mitten

A couple weeks ago, Team Gabel headed to Michigan for a wedding and Pumpkin's first (six) flight(s)! Chris's cousin Brad, who lives in our 'hood, was marrying Linda, who hails from Michigan, and so off we went!

Pumpkin was great on all of our flights. We changed planes in Oakland and thought we were flying straight to Detroit until the pilot informed us we would be stopping in Phoenix. This wasn't on our itinerary as it wasn't a plane change, but the even bigger surprise was that Rita was getting on the plane with us! It was fun to have Grandma on the flight to help keep Pumpkin entertained. We discovered the best toys are empty plastic cups and cardboard coffee cup sleeves.

This is maybe my favorite picture from the trip. Pumpkin enjoys looking at the mirror, but usually we have to hold her up on the sink - in the hotel, the mirror came all the way down to the floor - what fun!

The little charmer was pretty adorable (as she always is) in her little dress and bonnet for the rehearsal dinner. She met all kinds of new aunts, uncles and cousins over the weekend.

The wedding was in the evening and the ceremony and reception were beautiful. Here are the official new Mr. and Mrs!

Here we are with Alison and Rita at the wedding reception. We had lots of fun during our trip, and even found time to have some Middle Eastern food in Dearborn - a delicious excursion! It was really great to see the extended family and share in a beautiful wedding.

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volksbloggin said...

Empty plastic cups are the BEST toys on a flight. Glad everything worked out and you had a fun weekend away with family.