Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pumpkin & Scoop

Inquiring minds want to know: How is Scoop doing with Pumpkin?

We tried to make the transition as smooth as possible, setting up furniture and making changes - like moving her bed and stopping letting her in our bed in the mornings - way ahead of time so she wouldn't blame the baby for all of the changes. Chris brought home some clothes Pumpkin had worn in the hospital the night before we came home for Scoop to smell, and when we came home I came inside first and let Scoop in the house and played with her for a couple minutes. Then I took Scoop outside to meet Pumpkin. She smelled her and her carseat, and then we brought her inside and Chris laid her down and Scoop sniffed her some more.

At first she was confused and maybe a little jealous - although we've been trying to keep her routine and give her attention she knows it's not quite the same. But overall, she's handling it really well. I think now she's more curious, wanting to look inside the pack and play or crib when Pumpkin's sleeping and see what she's doing. And she's very gentle with her - just mostly wants to smell her.
Here she is helping Pumpkin with tummy time. I keep telling her when Pumpkin gets bigger they'll be best buddies. Scoop's not convinced yet, but she was pretty excited when we got out the stroller so all four of us could go for a walk together.

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