Tuesday, July 5, 2011

38 Weeks

I'm now 38 weeks as of the Fourth of July. (This picture is from Sunday, when I got home from a wedding shower). Miss G could arrive at any day, and I think we're as ready as we can be. Over the weekend I cleared out a drawer and cabinet in the kitchen for her things, and the rest of her clothes and blankets are now washed and put away in her room. The hospital bag is near-ready to go (the missing items are things that are in use) and so now it's basically just wait until she decides she's ready. By popular demand (okay, per Michelle's request), below are some pictures of the nursery. It seems a little bare, but we have a couple of decorative items on the way, and I'm sure we'll be adding more things after she arrives.
As for me, I am feeling pretty good, although it's in the 90s here which makes me want to not move off the couch because it seems to be the coolest spot in the house. At this point lots of random people want to talk to me about the baby, which is usually very nice, but last weekend I had the first stranger touch my belly (without asking) and another belly bump me (yes, you read that right) and that part makes me uncomfortable. (But both women were very nice and said that I was beautiful and glowing. And also this was at a homebrew fest so I guess that should be taken into consideration.) And now I feel as though I'm sort of rambling, so I guess I will sign off now. Don't forget to fill out the baby pool if you haven't already - we are enjoying reading everyone's guesses!


volksbloggin said...

Thanks Tammy for posting the baby room photos. It's different than I expected. I pictured more yellow. :)

Kyria said...

Haha. You are you, with a belly! You don't seem like you have gotten very much wider on the sides, just the front!