Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Chris and I welcomed 2011 like a boring, old married couple. We went out for a nice, Italian dinner, followed by a movie.
We thought we'd timed it just right to get out of the movie in time to watch the fireworks in downtown Reno. But we forgot to include time for previews, so the movie got out at 11:59, and we were in downtown Sparks. At least we had our midnight kiss, and could see the fireworks a few miles away in the distance. It was cold, so we watched what little we could see from the car.
Over dinner we discussed our resolutions. Turns out those are pretty boring, too. Pay off the credit card, eat healthier, exercise more. Hopefully the results will be better than my resolution for 2010 (maybe I'll keep working on those this year).

I hope you all had fun, however you rang in the New Year!
What are your resolutions?

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Kyria said...

That's fun! We took a "nap" from 10 o'clock to about 11:57 and watched the fireworks then went back to bed... Perfect, in my eyes.

I have no resolutions! Only to have fun doing whatever it is I end up doing!