Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

My friend Lindsey and I have been friends since the 9th grade, when she moved to Quincy (even though she insists I have her dirty looks on her first day of school, which was not the case!) For the past 12 years or so she has lived in LA, which has been nice because I got to see her several times a year when I went to visit my Dad. But this fall, she moved back to Quincy, which is even better because now she's only an hour and a half away and we can see each other a lot more (weather permitting!)
Lindsey and I during our senior trip in Santa Cruz

One thing Lindsey and I have in common is that we are both big Elvis fans. Since snow had gotten in the way of seeing each other up until now, we decided to get together this past weekend for an Elvis-Birthday-Movie-Marathon. It was really fun to hang out and talk and watch corny Elvis movies together. And, our friend Hannah happened to be in town for the weekend, too, so we got together with her and Nikki for breakfast on Sunday.

Lindsey, Nikki, Hannah and Me (photo borrowed from Hannah's Facebook)

It was a fun and relaxing weekend in Quincy and I got to spend some time with my Mom, too. Hope I get to see all these friends again soon!

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