Thursday, August 5, 2010

Japanese Bathrooms

In Japan, there are "Japanese" bathrooms and "Western" bathrooms.
The Japanese ones are not much more than holes in the ground to squat over.
The Western toilets are much like ours ... except nearly all of them have seat warmers and bidets.
You will rarely find any toilet seat covers (also there are rarely paper towels and most restaurants do not provide napkins). But in many restrooms, there is toilet seat cleaner in the stall so you can clean it before you use it.
And in some places, there is sound - like rushing water or a flushing sound - to cover up the, uh, other noises.


Leia said...

Makes me wonder what they think of "American" bathrooms. I do like the idea of the noise maker. There's nothing worse than being in a quiet bathroom with someone else.

Tammy said...

What's funny is that they don't talk as much as we do. Like, on the subway, talking on cell phones is not permitted. Neither is eating. And you don't hear many people having conversations on the subway either. So I had a little bit of reverse culture shock while I was at LAX on my way home and a woman in the stall next to me was talking on her cell.

volksbloggin said...

Woman talking on her cell in the bathroom stall ... definitely reverse culture shock.