Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Saying Goodbye to the Townhouse

When we all lived in Yuma, Benny and Michelle moved into a townhouse after another Navy guy moved out. It became the place we all hung out. We had lots of dinners, and lots of parties. Especially going away parties. I did my laundry there, and raided their fridge for Trader Joe's Truffles. When Benny and Michelle left for Port Hueneme, Jeremy and Andrea moved in. More dinners. More parties. More laundry. I still even have my key. But it seems the landlord is having some trouble of the foreclosure kind, and it looks like Jeremy and Andrea will be moving out on Monday. It's too bad we can't all go back for one last weekend of laughs.
Here's to the good times in the townhouse ...

Benny carving the turkey, Thanksgiving 2005

Dre, Me and Michelle, the same Thanksgiving

Chris and Me feeling right at home

Getting ready for Benny and Michelle's going away Pub Crawl

Chris' going away party

My going away party

Me, Michelle and Dre - Yuma Reunion, March 2007

Jeremy and Andrea

... And to all the good times we'll have somewhere new!

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volksbloggin said...

so many happy memories. Thanks for the photo recap, Tammers.