Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blogging, Part Deux

I've been meaning to add another post for a while now -- despite how much all the readers out there like pumpkins and honey and baskets -- but you'll never guess what has brought this on.


With nothing else to do on a Tuesday night while waiting for Tammy to get home from work, I stumbled across these two movies: 8 Mile and Legally Blonde. Of course, I watched both -- despite having the DVR I just flipped back and forth, mostly watching the Eminem flick.

But it got me thinking: What happened to Eminem?

I haven't heard anything from him in years. He came out with, I think, one CD after the movie. I guess I could do some online research on this, but also guess I don't care that much. Just pondering his career.

Speaking of rappers, I watched a documentary on 2Pac last weekend. There wasn't much new info, but all the music took me back to a different time: high school and college. I had to go download a couple songs that I couldn't believe I didn't already have.

iTunes doesn't have "Changes," though. What's up with that?

I also sort of marveled at 2Pac in all the interviews. For being known for and associated with violence in his life, he spoke in such a calm manner that sounded highly self-aware and intelligent, and without a hint of animosity or cursing.

Well, that's all I got for now. Until next time ...

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Marina said...

I think that is why 2pac has remained so relevant for all of these years after his death and has become such an iconic figure here and abroad. He definitely continues to be an inspiration to disaffected and marginalized groups all over. I don't think Eminem will ever have that kind of impact, especially since he didn't get killed in his prime ;)
Can we hear more about pumpkins and honey now?