Monday, August 18, 2008

I ate my way through the weekend

Chris spent the last weekend in Las Vegas for a bachelor party, so I headed to Quincy for the Plumas County Fair. I'm pretty sure I had more fun ;)

The food fest started before I even left, when I covered the Greek Festival for work on Friday and stuck around for my dinner break. I really wanted some moussaka, but the line for dinners were out the door so I settled for ala carte and had some pork souvlaki. I followed it up with loukomades - sinfully delicious Greek donuts drenched in honey and topped with cinnamon and chopped nuts.

Saturday morning I left for Quincy and, after a visit with my mom, went downtown to meet Lindsey for lunch at Morning Thunder where I had the Huevos Rancheros and she (was she trying to shame me?) had a fruit cup. We randomly spent the next hour and a half helping the class of '98 set up for their 10-year reunion, which explains the red and white balloons behind us.

Next, I headed over to Julia and Bob's new house, where I was staying for the night. They were the perfect hosts and their home is lovely. We went out with another couple, Jenny and Mark, for an Italian dinner at Moon's, had a walk around the fair, and went back to their house for vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. Julia and Bob and I chatted the night away sipping on champagne with peaches.

The hostess with the mostest and her cat, Norman

Sunday morning, Julia made oatmeal with fresh blueberries and maple syrup for breakfast. Later in the afternoon, my mom and I went to the fair for corn dogs, and to check out the crafts and other exhibits. We decided next year she should enter some photos and canned goods ... and now after seeing all the great stuff on display we both want to learn how to quilt.


volksbloggin said...

I'm craving a corn dog terribly now. I talked to Colleen on Saturday and she had a corn dog at the Iowa State Fair. I'm definitely adding fair food (ie corn dogs) to the list of things I miss about the States.

Marina said...

Now I don't feel as bad about grazing my way through the Montgomery county fair 2 weekends in a row. After it all, I'm pretty sure the foot long corn dog was the highlight, although the deep fried oreos were pretty rockin. Can't wait to go to the fair WITH you next year!

Tammy said...

I forgot to mention: there were no funnel cakes, which means I'll probably have to make a stop at the Nevada State Fair later this week ;)