Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 and 11

It seems we've gotten a bit behind on our posts! Our little pumpkin has turned 10 and 11 months, and the weeks are flying by! Soon she will be 1 - can you believe it! Every day it seems she is doing something new. She loves to eat, and likes just about everything - so much so that she steals food from the other kiddos at daycare. She is crawling everywhere, pulling up to standing on everything, and has recently started "bear crawling," a sure sign she is getting ready to walk! She has said her first word, baby, and has also said "hi" and "bye" and she sure is trying hard to say "dog" but it usually comes out "dah." Speaking of dogs, she loves Scoop and just lights up when she sees her. When I take her to school, if she can see the dogs at the homes across the street, she giggles and waves at them. She dances now, and plays peekaboo with her blankie. She is just so much fun!

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Servivorgirl said...

I just wanted to say that I am so thrilled for you and Chris, she is growing up fast. I hope to meet the little sweet pumpkin some day.

I love the photos of DC too.....