Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We like our birthdays (and our desserts) in twos

Chris's birthday wasn't the only one we celebrated this weekend ... Scoop turned 2 on Tuesday! We decided she needed her own dessert, so we stopped at the dog bakery Sunday and got her two pupcakes - one to eat Sunday while we celebrated Chris's day and another for her to eat on her actual birthday.
It says "yappy birthday." Hehe.
She was very interested ... right up until I lit the candle. Then I think she was afraid of the flame.
It was pretty adorable - we gave her the pupcake outside assuming she'd make a big mess, but instead she licked off all the frosting and then came and whined at me to cut it up for her to eat. Tuesday she had eggs for breakfast, a walk with Chris and Lila, and another pupcake for dinner. Pretty good birthday for a Scooper Dog if you ask me!


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Which "we" are we referring to? Don't act like you weren't all about the pupcakes ;-)