Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pink waffles, and other fun things

On Tuesday last week, Chris and I each received a text message that said "Guess who's in Reno?" It was from Jeremy, and we were pretty excited since he'd only been home from his deployment for a couple weeks - we didn't think we'd get a chance to see him so soon!

We were able to meet J for a quick lunch the next day. I, unfortunately, had to run to class but I'm glad he and Chris got to spend a few hours together and had time to come out to the house.

Then on Thursday night, Chad (a friend of mine from high school who now lives in Vegas) and his wife Theresa and daughter Maddie came to stay with us for a night during their long weekend in Reno.
For breakfast, I made waffles ... and since Maddie's favorite color is pink, we thought it would be a good idea if the waffles were that color, too.

Chad's family has a tradition of coming to the rib cook-off in Sparks every year with a group of friends from Quincy. We joined them on Saturday night, as we did last year, on their corner balcony room that overlooks the cook-off. It's insane how many people were there!

As this now was our second year and we're old pros at this cook-off business, Chris and I requested to get in on the T-shirts. They say "Da Browns and Da Friends" on the front and nicknames on the back.
We had a lot of fun hanging out, eating great food, and playing some games at the bar later where we were joined by more friends old and new.
. . .

In other news, I was excited to find out my tomato fight video was picked up by the AP and can now be seen on Yahoo! and other sites. And in a roller coaster of a week at work, my hours were first cut and now increased and in the meantime I began volunteering at the local NPR station, KUNR, to get some experience doing broadcast. Now I just need to find an extra day in the week to get everything done!


Kyria said...

Okay so it looks like you had a lot of fun...but NPR!!!! I am so jealous! You will have to tell me what you had to do to get into this. SOOOOOO jealous!

Tammy said...

Well, the station was looking for an intern and I applied, but since I had already done an internship for credit, they signed me up as a volunteer instead. I think because I've been working in local news and had some experience shooting and editing video, they thought it would be a good fit. Now I just need to get used to the part where I have to voice my own stories! But it is cool to be at an NPR station and everyone there has been so nice and welcoming.