Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have always been afraid of bridges. Really. If I have to drive over one, I do so as fast as possible - the sooner I get to the other side, the better I say. I can't say for sure, but this fear may stem from a photo I once found of me as a little kid standing on a footbridge that had gaps between the wooden beams, crying. Apparently, someone thought it would be entertaining to have me walk the remainder of the bridge on my own. The last time Scoop and I were out walking along the river, we crossed one little bridge and I was pretty proud of myself, until we came to this one. The gaps between the wood freaked me out. I didn't think Scoop could navigate it. We turned around. But then earlier this week, I had to cross the bridge to get to some trails on the other side to shoot some B-roll for my internship. I'm embarrassed to say, it took me quite a long time. Itty bitty baby steps. I was just hoping and hoping nobody could see me from the office. But - I made it across and back.
So, today I decided Scoop and I would give it a shot again. It rained last night, and this morning it was crisp and cool and sunny - a good day for a hike. So we went. We walked along the river. We came to the bridge. I picked Scoop up, focused on the other side instead of down below, and walked across. Still slow, but probably cut my time in half from the other day. I'm glad we did. The hike was lovely.

Scoop sniffed all kinds of new things, and made lots of new friends (one little girl said Scoop was the cutest dog she'd ever seen) and the views were pretty cool. I think we will go back again, and see what happens if we turn left instead of right.

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Marina said...

I'm proud of you Tam :)