Monday, December 28, 2009

Early Christmas

Chris and I had long planned to spend Christmas in Phoenix this year (our first holiday with the Gabels since we moved to Reno!) but since my sister was going to be in Southern California, and I hadn't seen my Dad's family since July, I decided to make a quick stop there on my way to Arizona. It was a short visit (less than two days) but so great to see everyone. When Mena and Miguel got in, the three of us stopped by to visit our Great Aunt Ruth, and later had dinner with Dad and Deb. The next day we hung out with Jen and Juliette, and then all the family went out to dinner.

Juliette playing with her new tea set

The black coat club

Next stop: Phoenix. Stay tuned ...

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volksbloggin said...

Black coat club, oh Tammy. You crack me up.